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Breeding Healthy Composting Worms

Promoting Sustainability and the Environment


Worm Farming at Earthlink

Our purpose is to supply strong healthy composting worms to help you make your worm farm thrive at home.


Learn About Composting

We not only farm worms, we provide support and help to the community. Promoting sustainability and education.

Composting Earthworms and Counting!


Earthworms and Composting

Welcome to Earthlink Earthworms.

My name is Fardin. I farm worms on my rural property in the Central Coast. They live in wicking beds, wind rows and bath tubs.

They are composting worms for you to use to start your own worm farm at home. Worm farms are used to process your organic waste turning it into the amazing products worm castings and worm tea.

These products when used on your food crops and plants have outstanding results due to it’s complicated and diverse microbiology. Spraying your plants with worm tea makes them look so good that they almost look fake. It is a natural way to help eliminate pests and diseases by improving the vigour of your plants.

Worm Composting

Sustainability and Recycling

Why worm composting?

Worm Composting is a great way to recycle your food scraps and a great skill to teach our youth. It will help us to be less wasteful, to grow our own food and to build a better future for the next generation. Also with the growing concerns of food safety, growing your own food may be the only way to ensure we are eating good clean food that is fresh and free from chemicals.

Worm Composting is easy as worms do the work for you. In other composting systems turning the pile may be required where as in a worm farm they do the work of aerating moving the materials as you add them.

How can I worm compost all of the food waste my family produces?

I recommend building a larger worm farm or bathtub farm, but if you only have a smaller area, then a couple of smaller domestic worm farms could be enough.
Also, a compost bin can be useful as an overflow so you don’t overfeed your worm farm. Please refer to the article below on starting a worm farm for some more tips.

Why is it important for us to process our food scraps and organic matter?

One third of our landfill is made up entirely of our food waste.  Another one third of our waste is organic waste which can also be composted or processsed. By composting at home you are reducing waste and the reducing transportation/processing cost on the environment. According to the EPA 20% of all our methane emissions humans create are from organic waste being piled into landfill in these anaerobic conditions and methane has 21 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide.

Well luckily your worm farm is an aerobic system free from the nasty smell of methane because the worms eat the scraps as they rot.  Also worms do not eat any viable seeds which allow your food crops to begin their cycle in your garden when you use your castings as fertilizer. This is one of the many ways in which worms play a vital role in sustaining life on our planet.


Worm Tea

The Amazing affects

Worm Tea, also known as Worm Juice or Worm Wee. No matter what you call it, it is the liquid that leaches out of your worm farm or worm castings that are added to water. (Remember to always use rain water and if you are using town water, let it sit overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate.)

The microbiology of fresh worm castings and worm tea create amazing results when used on plants and soil. These beneficial microorganisms ward off fungi and disease by adding vitality to the leaves and roots. It also provides you with a chemical free product which is more effective than any other product you find in the store.

Worm tea can be diluted and sprayed all over your plants and food crops. I have used it on Lillipillys to eliminate sooty mould and it even help the plant fight off Lace Lerps which have just dried up and fallen off. Pretty soon the Lillipilly which was on a serious decline was flourishing with new growth.

Worm Tea is a great addition to an irrigation system using sprinklers or drip irrigation providing the solids are filtered out. It is also used by farmers on orchards with boom sprayers, a welcome relief from chemical fertilizers which require chemical safety procedures and PPE.

Or you could add it straight to your water tank in your backyard and then use your pump and garden hose to spread the goodness to your plants that way!

Hope I have given you some ideas to build on! 🙂


Worm Castings

What poo can do for you!

Worm Castings or Worm Poo is often referred to as “Black Gold”. This is probably because it is very valuable as a fertilizer and doing its magic on plants and soil. It has great water-holding properties and contains thousands of beneficial microorganisms to aid in decomposition and nitrogen-fixing. Even the smallest amount used on your plants has a huge effect but you do not need to use it sparingly. It can be used on its own in seed germination for viro cells or cell trays, or added to an aquaponics system to inoculate the beneficial microorganisms and give it a head start.

Why is it so good?

Worms have such a tiny mouth so the food they eat starts out small. It then gets so well digested with their body being pretty much one big intestine. Worms also have a gizzard like a chicken, so as they eat the food gets squeezed and ground to create well digested manure which has an amazing amount of surface area for microbes to bind to.

Where do I get it?

You can buy it through our website or get it from your local Worm Grower. But why not make it yourself using your own food waste? Then you know it’s fresh and you know you are a part of this recycling process that will greatly improve our environment.

Thanks for our new worms! Our Garden is thriving and the kids love it!

Kim B

Received our worms in the post and are now in their new home. We feel good being able to recycle the waste we produce. Thanks.

William T

Wow never thought that worms could eat so much, hungry little fellas aren't they! Thank you so so much for all your help in setting up compost.

Dee S

Our thanks to Earhlink Earthworms for their knowledge and friendliness.

Terry M

Worms Worms Worms....more Worms!! The Worms we bought are thriving and healthy, cheers!

Matt B

Hi Fardin, Received my worms in the post today, only ordered them a couple of days ago so thank you for being super quick. Worms are settling into their new home. Good packaging and service, cheers.

Barry H

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Our worms are freshly hand picked from our thriving worm farms!

 We post our worms to NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC. Shipping Fees as follows:
  • $15 postage in NSW for 1200+ & 2000+ | $20 for 4000+ worms

  • $20 postage to QLD, VIC & ACT for 1200+ & 2000+ | $25 for 4000+ worms

This covers the special tough satchel, weight, and materials used to keep the worms safe and happy.

  • LOCAL PICKUP – If you would like to pick up worms from Ourimbah (Mon – Fri  8am-4pm) on the Central Coast please email me or use the contact form below and I will give you the pickup details. Please pay cash when you pick up at Ourimbah.   Thank you!
  • Due to postage restrictions/surcharges, we do not post to Western Australia, NT, SA or Tasmania. If you seek worms and live in these states,  please source them locally, thanks.

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